Start Planning for Valentines

Photo Credit: Seth Reese of Unsplash

With all the gift wrappers, Christmas decorations and holiday products just barely put away, stores are already preparing, if not already set for the next major holiday – Valentine’s Day! And though it might feel like it’s still far away, it’s never too early to plan something special for that day.

So, what’s the plan? Are you getting a gift? Selecting the right gift can be a delicate issue depending on what type of relationship you’re in – did you just start dating? Have you been together for a while? Are you married? – you can easily overthink this whole thing. Which is why, say experts, the most romantic day of the year tends to be anything but.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Check out some of the following ideas to get you started in planning the most romantic day of the year.Read More