Valentines Day Chocolate and more…

Why is chocolate associated with love? Valentines Day chocolate is an ancient gift dating all the way back to Roman times.

In Italy, Valentine’s Day is considered an ancient celebration of love, romance, and fertility. Historically, Valentine’s Day was celebrated to welcome Spring in honor of Juno, the Roman Goddess of Love. The holiday originated during the Roman Empire and has always been recognized on February 14th. During the Spring festival, people would flow into the streets of Venice, Florence and Rome for long walks, romantic feasts, and share gifts of fresh flowers or chocolate with love.

Valentine’s Day is the most romantic day of the year. It’s never too late to plan something special. Finding the perfect gift to impress your special someone can seem overwhelming. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

Check out some of the following ideas to get you started.

, Valentines Day Chocolate and more…, Sconza Chocolates

Valentine’s Breakfast or Brunch

Planning a last-minute evening out on Valentine’s Day may not be the best way to excite your sweetheart. Reservations are often made weeks or even months in advance. Why not savor the morning with a Valentine’s Day breakfast or brunch? Besides being inexpensive, it allows for a full day of Valentine activities.

, Valentines Day Chocolate and more…, Sconza Chocolates

, Valentines Day Chocolate and more…, Sconza Chocolates

Create the perfect setting at home

Choose to stay in for a relaxing evening of fine dining at home. Create the perfect table setting and add a little ambiance using scented candles, essential oils, and a bunch of rose petals. Choose some of the best Valentine chocolates here.

Make it yourself

Make this year the most memorable Valentine’s Day with handmade gifts. Use fresh flowers, a spring of rosemary, handmade candles or soaps. Or, fill a mason jar with our(Milk & White Chocolate Cherries) tied with a lovely ribbon or rustic bow.

, Valentines Day Chocolate and more…, Sconza Chocolates

, Valentines Day Chocolate and more…, Sconza Chocolates

Don’t forget the Sconza chocolates for Valentines day

Chocolate symbolizes affection, attraction, deep love, luxury, passion, and sensuality. Some may wonder, is chocolate an aphrodisiac? Some scientists say chocolate is an aphrodisiac. It increases desire and energy levels. Endorphins are released. With all these benefits, why shouldn’t you give chocolates to someone you hold near and dear to your heart this Valentine’s Day? Check out our luscious Confection Perfection® Chocolates as a perfect way to express your love! Available in single flavors or mix & match. Sconza Chocolates are made to be savored and shared™!

No matter how you decide to celebrate this Valentine’s Day, enjoy some time with the ones you love. And, at the end of it all, the effort you put into making the day memorable, will be noticed and appreciated.