From Italy With A Dream
17 year-old Vincenzo Sconza lands at Ellis Island with $20 in his pocket and boatloads of ambition. He works his way across America and settles in sunny Oakland, California. With his unabashed can-do attitude, he becomes a pasta maker in a pasta factory. But his secret dream is to become a candymaker.
Chasing The Dream
Vincenzo works by day at the pasta factory to support his family. By night he commandeers the family kitchen to try out his candy recipe ideas. His heavenly peanut brittle makes him the most popular man in the neighborhood, and tasty word of mouth spreads. Soon Vincenzo’s candy is featured in local dime stores. Each evening, he and his wife Maria fill orders as the craze for his confections grows. Vincenzo quits his day job: Sconza Candy is born!
The Dream Expands
Sconza Candy thrives, adored by countless fans throughout the East Bay. Our Grandfather Vincenzo dreams up new recipes, returning again and again to his pots and kettles until each new confection meets his lofty standards. Nana Maria and the kids happily taste test along with him. Vincenzo introduces new favorites, including Jordan Almonds, Jawbreakers and French Burnt Peanuts. He is a candy lover’s dream come true!
New Generation, New Goodies
Son Jim joins the family business, adding his inventive sweet tooth to the mix. It turns out that two generations of visionary candymakers are even better than one! Sconza acquires a local candy company. Vincenzo and Jim create nut and fruit-filled confections, after dinner mints and popular Christmas hard candies sold in decorative tins.
To Oakdale & Beyond!
By now, grandchildren Ron and Janet are deep in the family business: a third generation of candymakers with exacting standards and distinct flavor ideas. Sconza moves to a bigger home in California’s orchard country, close to many prized local ingredients. With so many candy devotees around the world to please, life is demanding but sweet. To celebrate Vincenzo’s Italian roots and Jim and Carolyn’s 50th anniversary, we create Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds—an instant classic!

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