Celebrating Life’s Most Special Moments with Jordan Almonds

A thin candy coated almond that melts in your mouth, Jordan almonds hold a special place in the hearts of the Sconza family. With strong ties to Italian tradition, Jordan almonds are the perfect sweet to be given as wedding or baby shower favors, served on a dish for special occasions, or simply enjoyed everyday with those you love.

Jordan Almonds

Bulk Jordan Almonds – 5 lb. Bags

Rave Reviews for Sconza Jordan Almonds!

“Sconza makes the best Jordan Almonds I’ve ever tasted. They are definitely a family favorite.”

-Andrea O.

“I have always loved Jordan Almonds and these did not disappoint. A nice thin shell candy coating that melted in my mouth. Amazing. Will buy again and again!”

-Jamie B.

“The best Jordan Almonds I’ve ever had! Always fresh and crisp.
Love them!”

-Jennifer C.

Jordan Almonds: Tradition & Taste
Made to Be Savored and Shared.™


Jordan almonds are a classic wedding favor tradition rich in Italian culture. The sweet, outer candy, symbolizing hope, coats the bitter almond, representing the tribulations of life, in a wish that the life of the newlyweds will always be surrounded by sweetness, over bitterness.


A bowl of Jordan almonds is the perfect addition to any party. In its understated elegance, your guests will not only enjoy the sweet candy shell as it melts in their mouth, but also appreciate the reminder of the rich Italian tradition symbolizing health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and longevity.

Special Occasions

Traditionally given as party favors at special celebrations and baby showers, Jordan almonds are the perfect confection to mark any special occasion. Get creative and sprinkle them around your dessert table, serve them in a candy bar, or choose pastel pink or blue at your gender reveal party!

Jordan Almonds Wedding & Party Favors

The traditional Italian guest favor consists of 5 Jordan almonds/sachet.

16 oz bag
~110 almonds

5lb. bag
~ 550 almonds

One 5 lb. bag would accommodate
~ 110 guests