Coming Back to Costco 2023!

Have you tried our Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds yet? If not, these will quickly become your new favorite candy at Costco. You’ll be able to find our famous Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds® 🍋 coming back to Costco this Spring. Some stores already have Lemoncello in-stock with nationwide coverage coming in March 2023! You can always find them right here on all year long. Just click on Lemoncello!

Over 1,000 5 Star Reviews!

“The Lemoncello Almonds are amazing! The hint of tart lemon with cream is so refreshing. I first discovered them at Costco. When I couldn’t find them, I went to the Sconza website. These almonds are highly addictive.”

Katherine Sterrett

“I’m not usually a huge Lemon fan, but I am in LOVE with these Lemoncello. They’re the perfect balance of sweet and light citrus. The combination is fabulous!! I can’t stop eating them.”

Crystal Johnson

“First time I bought these were at Costco. Loved them and still do. Glad I found them again.”

Cathy R.

Our famous Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds® have hit the shelves for a limited time!

Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds were lovingly imagined & crafted to celebrate the 50th wedding anniversary of our parents, Jim & Carolyn Sconza. Try our irresistible Sconza signature chocolate Lemoncello.

From our family to yours,

The Perfect Flavor for any Occasion

Elevate your events with flavors that surprise and delight every guest.


Satisfy everyone’s sweet tooth with the classic flavor of Lemoncello.

Family Gatherings

Savor your time with loved ones and enjoy sharing sweet treats that make the whole family smile.


Delight your guests with classic handmade Lemoncello chocolates on your special day.