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  • Discover flavors that delight your taste buds
  • Handcrafted quality using premium ingredients
  • Treats that make satisfying your sweet tooth worthwhile
  • Spark joy with every bite
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Premium Ingredients

We use nothing but the freshest ingredients available from our local partners., style, or even provide a review.

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Handcrafted Quality

We craft our confections to perfection so that each bite feels like a satisfying indulgence.


Sustainable Practices

We source our ingredients locally, protect our water use, and recycle all plastics to protect our natural resources.

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Over 1,000 5 Star Reviews

mother with children

“These pumpkin spice chocolate almonds are heavenly! And addictive! This was the second time I ordered them, and will likely do it again (and again) in the future. The transaction was fast and efficient. The product was nicely packaged.”

Rosalinda M.

two girls holding candy packages

“I don’t usually do surveys or reviews. It seems like EVERYBODY wants you to do a survey. But I don’t mind in this case. Sconza’s Jordan Almonds are THE BEST BEVER. The quality is over the top. Thank you, Sconza!”

Patricia C.

two girls eating candy

“As promised, my package of Lemoncello Almonds arrived with ice packs and thick padding to keep all those delicious delights in perfect edible condition! Ahhhhh! Thank you!!!!!”

Mary S.

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