Find Lemoncello at Northwest and Midwest Costcos

Exciting Costco News! Our Irresistible Lemoncello Almonds are Back!

Attention, Northwest and Midwest Costco Club members! Brace yourselves for a burst of citrusy bliss as our delectable Lemoncello Almonds make a sweet return to your favorite Costco stores! 🛒

🌟 What's Inside?
Indulge in the perfect blend of premium California almonds, luscious white chocolate, and a burst of bright lemon cream. Each bite is a symphony of flavors, crafted with care and dedication to deliver a truly delightful snacking experience. And the best part? We keep it real—no artificial ingredients, only pure and natural goodness!

📍 Where to Find Them?
Head to your local Costco store now to grab these zesty delights off the shelves. Let your taste buds dance with joy as you savor the perfect harmony of crunchy almonds and the irresistible sweetness of white chocolate and zingy lemon cream. It's a taste sensation that's sure to elevate your snacking!

Can't locate them in your nearby Costco? No worries! Simply visit to order these irresistible treats from the comfort of your home. We'll bring the goodness straight to your doorstep, ensuring that no one misses out on this limited-time sensation.

⏰ Act Fast!
Hurry, these Lemoncello Almonds are only available for a limited time! Don't let this opportunity slip away. Whether you're a Costco regular or a visitor, treat yourself to the ultimate snacking experience with our sensational Lemoncello Almonds.

You deserve more from your chocolates & candy.