A Cure for The Empty Nest Syndrome and Freshman Blues

College student in his dorm at his desk holding a gift of Sconza Chocolate

An estimated 16 million young adults left home to attend college this year. It’s one of life’s most significant transitions and both exciting and nerve-wracking for kids and parents alike.

For the parents, it’s a bittersweet time when the kids finally go to college. Part of you is happy to have the house back and all the peace and quiet. The other part of you is sad to see the kids leaving the nest.

For many young adults, however, leaving for college is one of the most exciting times in their young lives, yet even the toughest kid gets a case of the freshman blues every now and then. It’s easy to miss the comforts and familiarity of home.

Let Them Know You Care

There’s not a college student, especially a freshman, that doesn’t also appreciate a care package from home. You’re not an ordinary parent. You want to make your care package or gift from home something your kid will talk about, share with roommates, and remember. You want your clever scholar to have the best.

Sconza, your source for the most mouthwatering, delicious, premium chocolate and candy perfection, has the perfect gift for your college freshman. As you may already know, chocolate has healthy antioxidants and can elevate mood. So what college student doesn’t need a little lift, especially before the stress of finals?

Show Them You Care With Chocolate

With our nine pre-wrapped delicious gift box selections and mix-and-match options, you can show your college students how much you care and are always thinking of them.

Here are just some of your Sconza Gift Box options:

Or, if you’d prefer to get creative and have fun assembling your own Sconza care package and personalize it, you can order one of ten Sconza Gift Box selections, or you can order individual mix and match Sconza candies and then ship it yourself or drop it off in person when visiting. Either way, your college student will love it, and so will their hungry roommates, friends, sorority sisters, or frat brothers.

Here are some other items you could include in your personalized Sconza gift package:

  • Favorite Sconza snacks and new ones to try
  • Books, magazines, or puzzles
  • Movies
  • A diffuser
  • Lotions or scented hand sanitizers
  • A new robe or blanket
  • Seasonal or holiday room decor
  • Pictures or a scrapbook of family and friends

You can create a gift basket, box, or bag and drop confetti, colored tissue paper, and other fun items like trinkets inside the box. Get creative and have fun with it.

We can send a Sconza gift box to your college student anywhere in the continental US. Let your college student know that you miss them and are thinking of them. Sconza is ready to ship your order to your exceptional scholar.

Sconza uses FedEx for all shipments, and you can learn more about our shipping details here. Don’t delay. Let your college student know you’re thinking of them, and send the best.