For the Holiday Season, Have Yourself a Candy Coated Christmas!

Sconza Chocolates holiday assortment featuring candy cane almonds, gingerbread mixed nuts & hot cocoa almonds.

When it comes to the holiday season, nothing says “Christmas” more than the familiar red-and-white colors and refreshing taste of mint candies, and nothing warms the heart quite like chocolate. This Christmas, take your family gatherings, cookies, cupcakes, baked treats, and more to the next level with gourmet candy-coated nuts and chocolates.

Whether you need a gift for family and friends, a decorative bowl of delicious treats to put out for your holiday parties or dinners, or a garnish to take your desserts to the next level, have yourself a candy coated Christmas of your very own with Sconza’s line of holiday treats.

Make Your House Peppermint Capital of the World

The familiar red and white colors of peppermint candies are a near-universal symbol of the holiday, to say nothing of the bracing and refreshing taste. And nothing pairs with mint better than chocolate!

Sconza’s Chocolate Candy Cane Almonds bring the iconic red and white coloration of peppermint candy canes together with the rich, full-bodied, decadent sweetness and complex flavor profile of dark and white chocolate, encasing the delicate nuttiness of roasted California almonds.

For a limited time, our Chocolate Candy Cane Almonds are available in 4.5oz bags and 12-packs of 2.82oz bags, making them great and tasty decorations for cakes, Christmas cookies, cupcakes, and more—as well as excellent stocking stuffers for the sweet tooths in your life and centerpieces for your holiday get-togethers.

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Sconza Chocolates Candy Cane Almonds

Fill Your House with all the Tastes and Colors of Christmas

When it comes to decorating your table with festive holiday treats for Christmas dinners and parties, colors matter. The traditional Christmas colors of red, green, and white aren’t always easy to complement, so Sconza’s Holiday Jordan Almonds are here to make it easy for you.

With our Holiday Jordan Almonds, we coat roasted Jordan Almonds hand-selected for their perfect shapes and freshness in a delicious candy shell colored with all of the vibrant, jolly colors you expect to see at Christmas. Jordan Almonds are perfect for snacking and entertaining, and can even be used to decorate other sweet holiday staples, from Christmas cookies to cakes.

Spice up your traditional cookie recipe with candy coated bits of Sconza’s Chocolate Candy Cane Almonds. If you want a more colorful cookie, don’t just stop with red and white – Sconza has an array of colors to choose from in our Assorted Jordan Almond collection.

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Ask anyone to name the essential flavors of the Christmas season, and you’ll get more than peppermint. For many people, eggnog is a quintessential beverage for the holiday season—creamy, milky, sweet, and savory.

For a limited time, Sconza Eggnog Chocolate Almonds combine a creamy white chocolate and eggnog coating with lightly roasted almonds for a delightful sweet and savory treat, flavored with a light touch of cinnamon and nutmeg. These festive treats, available while supplies last, make for excellent gifts for the eggnog lovers in your life. They’re only available in 5 lb. bulk bags, making them the perfect snacks to put out for your holiday dinners and parties!

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Another essential flavor for the holiday season is gingerbread, often in the form of mischievous man-shaped cookies. If you’re looking for more than just chocolate for your Christmas treats, don’t pass by Sconza’s Gingerbread Toffee Mixed Nuts, which combine roasted cashews, pecans, and almonds with ginger and cinnamon-flavored toffee for a crunchy, flavorful treat.

These aren’t gingerbread men—so you don’t need to run as fast as you can to catch these treats!

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What Makes Chocolate the Perfect Christmas Gift?

Rich, decadent, indulgent—those are some of the words that come to mind when you think of chocolate.

The practice of giving gift boxes or baskets of gourmet chocolates has existed since the 1850s, when chocolates started to become affordable to the masses. But chocolate’s reputation as an excellent choice of gift stretches back far, far longer to the invention of the very first chocolate treat: hot cocoa.

One of the magical things about chocolate is that it doesn’t even have to be hot to make a cold day feel warmer. Take chocolate back to its roots with Sconza’s Hot Cocoa Almonds, combining sweet milk chocolate and marshmallow crème with roasted California almonds for a beautiful and festive treat for the holiday season!

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When chocolate was first discovered, it was a treat for royalty, but since then it has become a delectable delight with near-universal reach and appeal. Its rich and decadent taste, its history as an indulgence, and its affordability make chocolate the perfect gift for the biggest gift-giving holiday of the year: Christmas.

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At Sconza, we’ve been making candies and chocolates that stand apart from the competition for over 80 years. We make sure to source our ingredients, produce our candies, and ship our products so that we can deliver only the best to our customers. It’s easy and cheap to buy in bulk, so you can take care of your gift shopping list and satisfy your houseguests and party goers through the whole holiday season with treats that look as good as they taste!