Our Classic Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds<sup>&reg;</sup> Coming to Costco Spring of 2022

There’s something special and sweet about a flavor that brings back nostalgic memories. Whether it’s a certain candy that takes you back to your favorite childhood memory or a type of chocolate that reminds you of your wedding day; certain flavors have a way of helping remind us of some of life’s sweetest moments.

For our family, that flavor is the smooth, delicious taste of sweet lemoncello. It transports us all back to the most wonderful memories from our trip to Southern Italy.

A Flavor to Remember

For our parents’ 50th wedding anniversary, the entire Sconza family went to Sorrento, Italy to celebrate their love and our family heritage. Following each dinner, waiters would serve us an ice cold bottle of limoncello, a liqueur crafted and made famous right there in the heart of Southern Italy.

The taste of limoncello liqueur can almost be described as drinking lemon candies — it’s the perfect marriage of citrus and sweet, in a delicious and refreshing way. The prized liqueur is made from the zest of high quality lemons grown only in certain parts of Italy and is considered a digestive after a fulfilling meal.

As each chilled bottle of limoncello liqueur was brought out after dinner, we’d toast to our parents, their love, and life. It was a fond memory in Italy that we knew we couldn’t forget and wanted to recreate – not just for us, but for so many who long for that special flavor once again.

A Tribute to Love

Inspired by the lemon groves and limoncello liqueur flavors of Sorrento, Italy, we decided to create a chocolate anniversary gift that would commemorate our parents, Jim & Carolyn Sconza, and our Italian heritage.

As parents who truly pioneered Sconza Chocolates into the company that it is today, it felt fitting to pay tribute to their love by doing what we do best — create unique and classic confections for all candy lovers to delight in.

After many rounds of testing, and concoctions that were certainly delicious but not absolutely perfect – we finally ended up with our signature Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds®. To us, it’s a wonderful pairing of locally roasted almonds, tasteful white chocolate, and our secret lemon cream.

Since launching it into the market, it’s become our most prized and popular flavor for nearly any occasion: from wedding favors to baby showers, and “just because.”

A Taste of Italy

Our signature Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds® were crafted to be savored and shared with those closest to you – as a toast to life and the ones you love. There’s nothing sweeter than flavors that bring a family together, and we hope that our Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds® do just that.

We’re thrilled to announce that you can take the taste of Italy home with you on your next family shopping trip — Our Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds® (and all their lemon-y goodness) are back by popular demand and available at Costcos nationwide this Spring! Some stores may already have them in-stock!

And of course, you can always purchase on our website any time.