Self Care Means Savoring and Sharing Chocolate...and Lemon!

Let’s talk about self care. For obvious reasons, the past year has been hectic for all of us. Add on day-to-day stresses and responsibilities like having a career, being a parent, and caring for loved ones, and it’s easy to see how self care has shifted to the bottom of so many of our to-do lists. It’s a big deal, too—anxiety, depression, and substance abuse numbers have climbed higher than ever throughout the pandemic.

At Sconza, we’re giving you permission to take a little “me” time; occupy the kids, lock the door, blast your favorite song, and give yourself the love and attention you need. To help, our friends at have shared some easy, creative self-care techniques that involve one of our favorite ingredients: the lemon. (Hint: a few even use our Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds, available at or at a Costco near you).

Here are a few of our favorite lemony self-care tips from Style Anthropy’s list, plus a few of our own:

Lemon Skin Care Remedy

Believe it or not, lemons have amazing anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that make them perfect for skin conditions like acne and blackheads. To experience these skin-care benefits, cut open a lemon and rub it over your clean face (watch the eyes!). Rinse and repeat three to five times per week for full effect.

Lemony-Strength Nails

Among lemons other amazing self-care benefits are their ability to help build healthy, strong fingernails. See for yourself: Mix equal parts olive oil and lemon juice in a small bowl then dip your nails in for five minutes.

Lemon Water

It’s amazing how easy it is to justify another pack of cookies and an extra glass of wine after not leaving the house for a week! Unfortunately, these indulgences can negatively impact hydration and digestion. Luckily, tossing a vitamin-rich slice of lemon into a hot or cold glass of water promotes hydration and gut health, while also making a bland gulp of water a little tastier!

Lemon and Chocolate Indulgence

It’s okay for self care to involve treating yourself every once in a while. And what better way to treat yourself than by combining two of the most luxurious flavors into one decadent treat. After a long day hovered over the laptop, whipping together family meals and peeling kids off of one another, customers love our Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds as a sweet, indulgent self-care treat.

Lemon-Flavored Gratitude

At Sconza, one of our favorite forms of self care is showing gratitude to those around us. We believe good vibes are contagious, and if you put them out, you’re sure to get them back. That’s why our Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds are Made to Be Savored and Shared™. All year long customers use our signature chocolate confection to gift some lemony gratitude to their loved ones.

Our favorite thing about Style Anthropy’s lemon-inspired self-care techniques is they’re so easy to put into practice. Just add a few lemons and a big bag of Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds to your next Costco list, and you’re all set for the next time you have the house to yourself. Here’s to you!