Take a Virtual Italian Vacation at Home

Due to current travel restrictions, most of us probably won’t be taking an Italian vacation this year. But you can create your own virtual Italian vacation experience by bringing the sounds, smells, styles, and flavors of Italy into your home!

Here are a few essential elements that can turn your home into an Italian oasis:

1. Ambience

Background music sets the scene for your virtual Italian vacation. Play an Italian playlist on Spotify, like The Perfect Italian Dinner or Italian Jazz Cafe, or tune into the Italian Cooking Music station on Pandora.

Alternatively, you could play a fun Italian movie like “Under the Tuscan Sun,” or an Italian classic like “La Vita è Bella (Life Is Beautiful).”

You may also want to bring some Italian smells into your home with an Italian Escapist Candle from Brooklyn Candle Studio, or for a real splurge, this Fig Tree Candle from Lalique that will take you straight to the Amalfi Coast.

2. Style

Your table setting can add some true Italian flair to your home. Consider topping your table with a red and white checkered tablecloth or table runner for a classic Italian vibe, or a white tablecloth or runner for a more stately, elegant style.

Check out Life on Summer Hill for some inspiration and elements that will bring Italy into your home, and Stefania’s Kitchenette offers some advice and ideas for Italian table settings.

Italian people also have a reputation for being at the forefront of the fashion world, so creating an Italian adventure at home can be the perfect excuse to have a little fun and get dressed up for dinner! Check out Alyssa Beltempo’s Guide to Italian Style if you need a little inspiration.

3. Flavors

If you’re feeling really ambitious, make your own pasta and sauce! This tutorial from Kitchen Sanctuary walks through the pasta making process with only two ingredients and no special equipment like pasta makers.

If you’d rather not spend the evening in the kitchen, you may want to consider ordering some classic Italian dishes from a local restaurant.

No Italian meal is complete without a glass or two of local wine! Browse your local liquor store for Italian wines that won’t break the bank. Check out Wine Enthusiasts’ list of affordable Italian wines for some ideas.

And finally, don’t forget about dessert! Polish off your Italian dinner experience with Sconza’s Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds. Whether you add them to a recipe or just snack on them whole, these California almonds coated with decadent white chocolate and sweet lemon cream bring the flavors of Italy straight into your home.

Add them to your next Costco list, or order now at sconza.com, to take a virtual Italian vacation!