When Life Gives You Lemons

Sconza's Lemoncello for national lemonade day

August 20th is National Lemonade Day, a celebration of one of the world’s most refreshing, tart, tangy, and delicious summer beverages. And, who doesn’t have fond childhood memories of running their own lemonade stand? A cool glass of lemonade is pure joy and the perfect time to stop, relax, and celebrate life’s small moments.

A father-and-daughter team started National Lemonade Day. The daughter wanted to purchase a turtle but didn’t have enough money, and the father wanted to teach his daughter business skills, financial literacy, and entrepreneurship. So the father helped his daughter learn valuable lessons by allowing her to start and operate her own lemonade stand, and her neighbors, friends, and customers enjoyed summer’s most popular and enduring drink. At the same time, a new national day was created. And the daughter got that turtle.

A Brief History of One Of The World’s Most Popular Beverages:


Before There Was Lemonade, There Were Lemons

Scientists have traced the origins of the modern lemon to ancient China and found fossilized lemon leaves that date back eight million years ago. The ancient lemon was slightly different from today’s lemons–it was more of a sour orange and citron hybrid.

Drink Lemonade Like an Egyptian

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that lemonade has been around for thousands of years and originated with the ancient Egyptians in 500 BC. History recounts the drink as qatenmizat, and pharaohs and workers enjoyed it. Its primary ingredients–lemons, water, and sugar haven’t changed in thousands of years.

Paris: The City Of Love And Lemonade

In the 17th century, vendors throughout Paris sold an earlier version of lemonade from carts. Early Parisian lemonade was made from sparkling water, lemon juice, and honey, and some historians think the vitamin C found in lemons might have helped some Parisians ward off the plague.

Lemonade Comes To America

In 1873, Edward Bok, an American entrepreneur, first launched a lemonade stand in NYC, and the venerable “New York Times” first mentioned a lemonade stand in 1879.

. . .

Limoncello: The Taste of Old World Italy Arrives

Limoncello, the wonderful, lemony, world-famous after-dinner or digestive drink, took off in Italy approximately 100 years ago. Many Italians swear that the best limoncello is produced off the Amalfi Coast, where several cities claim to be the birthplace of this famous Italian drink. No matter where it came from, it’s still a delicious, refreshing flavor that never goes out of style.

A New Twist On An Old World Taste Is Born

Our signature Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds draw inspiration from one of Italy’s most popular, treasured, and delicious after-dinner lemony drinks, Italy’s limoncello liqueur. We combined four great tastes–white chocolate and lemon, lemon creme, and almonds- to deliver a perfect summer taste. Generations of our family have enjoyed the taste of limoncello, and now you can too, but in a candy.

Two Great Tastes Combine For Fun

Sconza Chocolates, the makers of the finest, tastiest candy favorites, make the perfect candy for celebrating National Lemonade Day or any day where you just want to enjoy the singular, mouth-watering, and refreshing taste of lemon, white chocolate, and almonds.

How To Celebrate National Lemon Day With Sconza’s Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds®

We have some great ideas for celebrating National Lemonade Day with a refreshing glass of lemonade for the kids, a glass of Limoncello Liqueur for the adults, and a handful of Sconza’s Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds for kids of all ages.

A Few Fun Ideas For Celebrating National Lemonade Day

Open For Business:

Open your own lemonade stand. Families can have fun together, and the kids can learn how to run a business, learn financial literacy, budget, and serve their friends and neighbors. Consider raising and donating the proceeds to your favorite charity or cause.

And for an extra fun touch, include some delicious Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds with their treats. Finally, maybe build a lemon display with uncut, fresh-cut lemons and other fruit assortments. So have fun with National Lemonade Day and smile.

Host An Italian-Themed National Lemonade Day Block Party

Include lemonade and limoncello for the adults and Sconza’s Lemoncello Chocolate Almonds for all. Add fun Italian games like Bocce Ball or Lupo Mangia Frutta, or Campara. Maybe play some Italian music while enjoying some prosciutto and anti-pasta.

A Simple Recipe For Fun on National Lemonade Day:

Making a small pitcher of refreshing lemonade only takes about 10 minutes, and it’s simple enough for any kid to make.


  • 1 cup of sugar
  • 1 cup of water
  • 1 cup of lemon juice
  • 2 to 3 cups of cold water to make to your liking

If you really want to tart it up and add some extra lemon flavor, you can use either a lemon-flavored syrup or add lemon juice and lemon zest after you have dissolved the sugar and removed it from the stove.

Portrait of smiling girl holding lemons at lemonade stand

A cropped portrait of a happy father and son making lemonade in their kitchen at home