Jordan Almonds, The Perfect Wedding Tradition

What makes Jordan Almonds so special and one of the most treasured confections to have at weddings? For centuries, people have followed the tradition of giving a handful of Jordan Almonds to celebrate the ceremony of marriage. The egg-shaped Jordan Almond embodies fertility, and some believe the Jordan Almond is an aphrodisiac. There is symbolism in the almond itself.

Since ancient times, almonds were thought to have medicinal properties and bring good fortune. Dating all the way back to 177 BC, the people of Rome would enjoy honey-covered almonds to celebrate weddings and very special occasions. The sometimes-bitter taste of a fresh almond represents the bitterness of life. The added sweet layer was believed to represent hope for the couple to live a much sweeter life together. Only the finest almond varieties are chosen to be draped in sugar and called Jordan Almonds.

Known by Many Names, Loved in Many Regions

The Jordan almond is said to be the most perfect almond worthy of a delicious sugar coating. The term may have originated from the French word Jardin, meaning “garden” used to describe a more desirable cultivated almond, as opposed to a wild and bitter almond. Another theory suggests the term describes a variety of almonds originally grown along the Jordan River. These were characterized by their long, slender, and smooth sides. The ancient Italian confection holds a deep meaning for many cultures and is known by many names.

Jordan Almonds are known by other names depending on the region.

  • Italy – Confetti
  • Middle East – Mlabas
  • Greece – Koufeta
  • United States – Jordan Almonds

The Traditional Bomboniere – A Sachet of Five Jordan Almonds

The perfect wedding bomboniere, which is Italian for wedding favor, includes five Jordan almonds to represent five wishes for the bride and groom. These are health, wealth, happiness, fertility, and a long life. This uneven number also represents the undivided couple. But remember, Jordan Almonds can be savored and shared anytime and in any way. At Sconza, we make them all year long and for many different occasions!

Five Jordan Almonds = Five Wishes

  • Health
  • Wealth
  • Happiness
  • Fertility
  • Long Life

How Sconza Makes Jordan Almonds

At Sconza Chocolates located in Oakdale, California, we are surrounded by acres of California almond orchards allowing us to source the freshest almonds available. Jordan Almonds are one of our most favorite confections to create because we get to highlight these beautiful California almonds and celebrate an ancient Italian tradition at the same time!

Our Jordan Almonds are fresh, sweet, and delicious. We coat the most perfect almonds with a hard candy shell, just as Italian confectioners have for centuries. Our most popular Jordan Almonds for weddings come in classic white. They can be purchased by the bag or in bulk. We also love offering fun and creative colors. Jordan Almonds are made in pastel pink, pastel blue, a pastel assortment, and a vibrant color mix and can be purchased everyday for any occasion.

We are devoted to making the finest Jordan Almonds and continuing this long-loved confectionary tradition. We have strong ties to our Italian roots and love sharing them with you.

If you’d like to try Jordan almonds or any of our other sweet confections at Sconza Chocolates, be sure to check out our shop page today.

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